lunedì 4 luglio 2011

DPOV 014 - Guido Nemola

We are proud to present you a new podcast series. "Different Point Of View". A different perspective on music and artists. It can be Techno, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Dubstep, Rock, Indie etc... Dpov must be the result of a reinterpretation of the artist mood and feelings. Experimentation is the best way to get back in this new world. We don't want something already heard. This time Guido Nemola from Recycle Records.


Guido, not only DJ but also producer since 10 years, has an innate passion for music. He grew up surrounded by computers and drum machines, but he has his first contact with the audience in 1991, when he begins working as a DJ, and immediately falls in love with house music. When he moves to Milan in 1992, he starts working for epoch-making nightclubs: Plastic, Magazzini Generali, Old Fashion, Atlantique and Beaugeste, among others, never compromising his musical selection and always following his taste. In 1997 he publishes his first single and begins collaborating with PASTABOYS. As producer he has noticed important successes in United States, England, Japan and Germany. He was on the verge of the Danny Rampling chart (BBC Radio 1), of Suburbia (Italia Network, of course in Italy) and later on of Radio Energy (Germany). Since 2003 he plays in the coolest clubs of Salento: Mediterraneo, Living, Vertigo, Smeraldo, Caporais, Guendalina, Fico D'India, Casablanca. His productions have been played by the best world DJs, starting with Little Louie Vega, Kiko Navarro, Eddie Amador, DJ Gregory, XPress2, the legendary David Mancuso, and even Ralf, Alex Neri, Pasta Boys and other members of the Italian set. Nowadays, beyond his own works, he collaborates with his friend Dario Lotti to the project "Jack in The City", and with the "Joyfull Family" Crew. In 2007 started the label "Recycle Records" with Santorini, releasing house and minimal-techno music (always celebrating the musical history of Chicago and Detroit).






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