mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

DPOV 008 - Baba Freak

We are proud to present you a new podcast series. "Different Point Of View". A different perspective on music and artists. It can be Techno, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Dubstep, Rock, Indie etc... Dpov must be the result of a reinterpretation of the artist mood and feelings. Experimentation is the best way to get back in this new world. We don't want something already heard. This time Baba Freak.


Iurilli after frequenting  the italian and foreign underground scene since 1991, came back to his own country and made up a factory with some guys from his city. Fascinated by music and parties, he starts working as assistant to productions, then public relator and promoter passing by press office and  artist booking. In 1996 he moved to Monaco (Germany) and there he met Techno scene and is like involved into the experimental music of that period wich fused with house, techno, progressive, brekbeat, electroclash, approaching more and more to  the alternative reality wich started to diffuse throughout Europe. He began to collect techno - house - drum& bass vinyls and german experimental stuff. Then he left for Ibiza and there he opened his mind and interacted with some of the most important professionals and promoter of clubbing scene, even nowadays.He started to organize events  for real. In 2005  he came back to his country and created a cultural association based on social purposes: "LA FAMILLIA" wich was completely dedicated to organize events proposing the first happy hours on the beach. Later he made "Dejavù Boutique associated" aimed to local promotion. From then on he organized events with KALABRESE VERA,SETH TROXLER,TOBIAS FREUND,MASS PROD,ALEX PICONE, MASOMENOS, EQUIPE DU REVE, MINIMONO, MISS FITZ, BRUNO PRONSATO, DEADBEAT, IVANO COLLATI, RUMBA, MATTEO GATTI, GUY CALLED GERALD, SANTORNINI, GUIDO NEMOLA, LUCIANO ESSE and many others. In 2009 he took to Salento "Feel Solid House" in collaboration with FEEL BOOKINGS, and with guests like GUIDO SHNEIDER,  ION LUDWIG, WOODY, MATTHEW DAR, BUCK, VERA,DORIAN PAIC and SOLID-AM. In the same year he began working in productions and musical promotion, starting as label manager for a local label wich has been one of the coolest italian label last year. He ended his collaboration and decided to make up a new one ,still shared,with AARON UND PASCAL and Graziano Umile...SECOUER italian label with good perspectives. The first release went out at the beginning of 2010 and received positive feed back. Today Iurilli is a label manager who grows up every day. Stay tuned...

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