DPOV 006 - Mr. Chief

Born in 1986. since the age of 14 years, he devoted himself to music, all started to play with friends, to be just a passion it becomes almost a job, in fact, after starting with the private party with friends go to play in some clubs in Italy.

DPOV 007 - Limo

Giovanni Limongelli aka LIMO was born in Brindisi in 1979. His passion for the electronic music in all of its facets began already from the early 90's in the research of artistic expressions of every kind. He has lived for 3 years in Bologna and 7 in Rimini, years in which he has matured technique and experience, thanks to the instructions of technicians of the sound and ...


Iurilli after frequenting the italian and foreign underground scene since 1991, came back to his own country and made up a factory with some guys from his city. Fascinated by music and parties, he starts working as assistant to productions, then public relator and promoter passing by press office and artist booking.

DPOV 004 - Santorini

Andrea Santorini is born in 1983 in Lecce.His natural bent for music started in 1996 when he began djing house music with friends. During these years Andrea discovered the various flavours of club music, from techno to deep he started playing in several clubs of his town

DPOV 005 - Sergio Caio

Sergio was born in Trani, in 1989. He grew up there and when he was 15, he starded playing alternative-indierock tracks in a small tavern in his town. He's always been fascinated by music so when he was 19, he moved to Milan where he started to study "Audio Engineering" at Sae institute and he qualified in 2010

sabato 9 aprile 2011

DPOV 013 - Lars Of Italy

We are proud to present you a new podcast series. "Different Point Of View". A different perspective on music and artists. It can be Techno, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Dubstep, Rock, Indie etc... Dpov must be the result of a reinterpretation of the artist mood and feelings. Experimentation is the best way to get back in this new world. We don't want something already heard. This time Lars Of Italy from Secouer Records.


The pursuit of sound is sometimes difficult. The creation of tracks with any contemporary contamination and old style is the basis of this project. Chords, acid, analog and eclectic instruments are the fuel of this machine, balancing originality with the request of the public. [Lars of Italy] is Lorenzo Benotto, he was born in september 1988 in Pisa. The music passion begins with his brother at the end of 90s: the starting point and
progress of music in a single conception. -With a friend he also creates the project "Le French Brasserie" that publish with Material Series, VIVa Music, Azari and collaborations with Priku, Supernova, Tom Ruijg, Pirupa; Pigi, Oliver Moldan and many more. (but it's an other wondeful story)-. As a Lars of Italy, the first EP "Chat noir" with Secouer Records and the remixes creates by Aaron und Pascal and C.Al.Ma. is a "bridge" to the starting point of this eclectic project. As a dj-set he combining particular and deep sounds without following the regular music routine.



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