giovedì 2 dicembre 2010


We are proud to present you a new podcast series. "DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW". A different perspective on music and artists. The genre can be Techno, Soul, Jazz, Dub, Dubstep, Rock, Indie etc…DPOV must be the result of a reinterpretation of the artist mood and feelings. Experimentation is the best way to get back in this new world. We don't want something already heard. We want emotions, feelings and all can be fascinate people's minds. 

The first DPOV is from the duo Aaron Und Pascal. It will be Online on 06/12/2010 @ 12:00 a.m.

"DPOV" is a project by:


Secouer records is a label created with the intent to propose an elegant and refined music. Secouer come from the idea to create a musical project contaminated by refinements of techno and house music. Has the goal of discovering new musical talent in the world and offer their works so always elegant. Established in 200' after a massive research on diversified kinds of music, it is a record label with the partnership of a international distributor. Secouer records come up from the need to create an interaction between an elegant musical form yet full of groove. With artists from all over the world, it offers a musical vision outside the current standard. It' s a new label that has its strength in the cooperation between young artists. Influenced by techno and house culture of the mid 90s has its roots in the characteristic groove of European music scene. Secouer records still believes in the magic of vinyl and as such all his work is characterized by a warm and enveloping characteristics of the analog world.


By Giuseppe Albrizio with 5 comments

5 commenti:

· Chi non ama la musica, non ha il cuor ben fatto.
· Chi non ascolta volentieri la musica, ha cattivo gusto.
· Chi paga la musica ha anche diritto di ballare.
· La musica caccia le lacrime e rallegra il cuore.
· La musica è l'occhio dell'orecchio.
· La musica è una gioia sonora.
· La musica nei dissimili e l'amicizia nei simili.
· La musica, per quanto bella, non guarisce il dolore dei denti.
· La speranza è la miglior musica del dolore.
· Musica, amore e vino sono la rovina della gioventù?

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